10th pass govt job 2019 – Government and Private jobs for freshers

Our country is currently struggling with the problem of unemployment. India is a huge country and its population is also huge and that is the reason why people do not have any kind of job. In a family here, there are only one who earns and the rest are eaters. The situation now is that due to engineering unemployment, he is sitting at home. This is the reason why only those who have passed class X feel that what we will get when so many educated people are not getting jobs. That is why I thought that today through this post, you should be told what are the jobs for 10th pass. Are there jobs available for 10th pass in our country? Such questions revolve in the minds of many people. So I would like to tell you that yes government job is also available for 10th pass.
When a matriculated person desires to do a job and gets a government job, then silver is silver for him. It is often seen that even more educated people are sitting unemployed. Therefore, those who are less educated people do not even expect and do not even know that 10th pass govt job can be available in 2019. Many people are very fond of going on the railway. It is known that there are many grades in government jobs which are based on educational qualifications. Those who are less educated are put in the lower grade and those who are more educated are put in the higher grade.
jobs for 10th pass
That’s why there are some grades which are also for 10th and 12th candidates. People who have passed matriculation are also recruited to fill these vacancies. Therefore through this post, you will also be able to know which post for the post of Matriculation in Railway (10th pass government job in railway). By the way, there are almost many departments where people are admitted to the matriculation pass, you should just wish that you have to go into it. You will be able to do something only when you have information about it.There are many students who are unable to study more because their family’s condition is not good or there may be some other reasons. When a student is not able to study more due to any reason and just comes to tenth and leaves his studies, he never hopes that in this way he can get a government job. This is the reason why through this post, we will also inform you that the government job is available for the Matric pass people as well (Government job after 10th). So without delay let’s start and know which are the jobs that can be found after 10th (10th pass govt job 2019).

Job for 10th pass

A man who has passed matriculation never keeps hoping that he can get a government job. Even after finding him, hardly any kind of answer is obtained. This kind of answer is also available which is just kind of work and salary is not much. Because of which they do not even think that they can go to government jobs. Through this post, you will understand what are available for the 10th pass.
Here we will tell you one by one, in which field you can do the job. Here, you will be given information about the government job, as well as where you can do a job in a private company. There are many such departments in our country such as Railways, Department of Defense, etc., where government jobs are available.

Government Job for 10th Pass – 10th Pass Government Job

Here we will talk about those jobs which are taken out by the government as candidates for the candidates. Especially for those candidates who have just passed matriculation. There are many departments where vacancies of jobs arise for them. Let’s know about them.
10th Pass job in Indian Army
In our country’s army, candidates who have passed 8th, 10th and 12th have enough free space available for them, where they can go and take admission. The Indian Army gives job notifications about it, which are for the 8th to 12th pass candidates. In this way he becomes a soldier by joining the army. You are given the opportunity to work as Soldier.

Qualification Details

1. Soldier General Duty:

Class 10th / Matric pass with 45% marks should be aggregate mark as well as 33% number in every subject. Those who have written an exam in such a board where the grade system runs, then it should have at least grade D grade (33-40) and 33% number should also be in each subject and grade C2 grade is necessary for every subject.

2. Soldier Tradesman (All Arms) 10th Pass:

To work on this post There is not much criterion for this, but there should be at least 35 percent number in every subject.

3. Soldier Tradesman (All Arms) 8th Pass:

For this post, the candidates who can apply eighth pass should be between 17 years and 23 years and must have 33 percent number in each subject. For the eighth pass candidates, it works (for Syce, House Keeper & Mess Keeper).

Indian navy:

Every year, new recruitment keeps coming in the Indian Navy. This year also Indian Navy bharti 2019 is going to be done, you should get notifications so that you will be able to find a better career for yourself. To get admitted to the Indian Navy, first you have to go to its official website. There you will be given information about the latest vacancy, admission process, selection process, exam pattern, exam syllabus, exam fee details etc.
In the posts found under the Indian Navy, mainly the job of fire engine driver, scavenger etc. is given.

Railway Recruitment Board (RRB):

Railway Recruitment Board Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) brings out a lot of vacancy for the whole of India every year, so that the candidate can get recruitment in it. A lot of vacancies are vacant from all over the country and the Railway Recruitment Board works to fill the vacancies and select candidates through exams and a selection process.
There are many posts here, for which experienced as well as pressure candidates can apply. Under this also there are many departments and which are given to the candidates as posts on the basis of qualification.

10th pass bank Jobs

Many types of jobs are available in the bank for those who are only matriculate. How many qualified employees are recruited as Lower Division Clerk under the bank. If you feel that there is no type of job in the bank in this education, then today you must have understood that you too can get a job in the bank.

Private Job for 10th Pass

In today’s time, getting a government job is the same as a hero’s mine. Whoever got a government job, understand that he is the king of his time. The competition is so high that despite working hard there are many students who are unable to pass the exam. Despite preparing well, even if there is a difference in decimal in competition, they do not fall behind others.
Due to the problem of unemployment, the expectation from the government job has been completely removed among the people, but those who are tenth pass do not expect any kind of job. The biggest reason for this is that more educated people stand in line than them. When there are more educated people than you in competition, you feel that you will not be able to get a job because that will be given only to those who are more educated. But for your information, let me tell you that there are many such jobs which are available but people are not aware of it, and secondly, there are more educated people who do not want to do this level of work at all.

Call center

A very good option for students who pass matriculation is that they join as a call center part time job. Initially, people do it initially only as part time, but some people also get success in it and then they make a career in it. Thus, later on, he starts working as a team leader and takes a promotion and goes to a good position.
Each network has its own call center through which companies help their customers and solve their problems. You will know very well how people are helped in call centers. So if you are also looking for a job, then the call center can prove to be a better option for you.
If you also want to get a job in a call center for yourself, then you should know that there are many benefits. The first thing is that if you go to speak in a call center in English language, then your communication skill becomes very good. Which can prove to be very helpful for your future as well as you are given good salary for this.

Data entry back office job

There are private companies that hire people to fill their data. With this, she employs people to do data entry according to their needs and then they are paid money per word for this. Those who have passed only matriculation so far have a golden opportunity that they can work from the data entry back office and get employment for themselves.

In short

Looking at the unemployment of our country, everyone knows that it is very difficult to get any kind of job. Some people live their whole life in an effort to get a government job. Despite studying a lot, there are many people who cannot get government work and then they spend their lives in some way. Even after studying more, when people do not get a job, those who are less educated think that they too cannot get a job. That is why we thought today that you should be told what are the jobs for 10th pass.
We have told you through this post whether a job is available for 10th pass in the country. And if yes, what government job is available for 10th pass. We have given you about this here Full information is given. Some people have the desire to work in the railway as a government job, so we also informed them about what is the work available in the railway (10th pass government job in railway).
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