Android Rooting : advantages and disadvantages
Do you know what is the Android rootWhat are the advantages and disadvantages of rooting ? Many of you will have these questions in mind. Our regular readers ask these questions everyday what is the Android root . So in today you will tell me about it in the details. All of you will know that Android is a mobile operating system. Not only that, it is in top of all the operating systems (OS) used in mobile. Why do you get to see an Android smartphone in the hands of everybody else.
An OS is a work to maintain between the user and the hardware of the device. When the user gives a command, he reaches the command hardware via OS and then returns the output to the user with an output. You work with mobile or computer, in every device it works. So let's know today what is Android Root ?

Android Rooting : Advantages and Disadvantages

    What is Android Root ?

    When a company becomes a software, it adds some limitations along with it, so that it can not be used incorrectly. Android is a Linux based operating system. If you have ever used Linux, you will know that this is an open source OS and most people use it for security and hacking.
    You can do a lot of things in your Android smartphone too, if it has been rooted. Root means root; This helps you to reach the root of Android. You can not do all this without root in the Android phone. Why you do not have permission to access his system files

    When you right-click on a software in the computer, you have the option of "Run as administrator". Just like when you root your mobile, you will be able to use your phone with an administrator power. You can also say that in the rooted Android smartphone you have the freedom to do anything. Why all its limitations are removed from the root of the root.

    How To Root Android Phone?

    We can root our Android Phone in two ways. With the help of computer first and second without the help of computer It is very easy to root Android phone without the help of a computer, and no one can do it. You can use King Root App for this.
    First of all you need to download Kingroot 's official website and download the latest version of kingroot. If you have never downloaded an app from the Internet before, you will need to change some setting in your phone so that the app can be easily installed. For this you have to go to the setting of the phone and then click on security. After this , going to the option of unknown sources , it has to be allowed. After this you can easily install any app. Install Kingroot on here.
    After installing it will show you the status of " root access unavailable " and below it you will see the button " Get Now " which you have to click. This clicking will start rooting and stops at 97%. After this you have to click in the continue. This will cause the app to be purify system download. Once the download is completed, your phone will be completely rooted. After this the state will see " optimal state " written in the status .

    How To Check Android Phone Root?

    These questions must have come to your mind that I have rooted my phone but how do we know how to check if your Android phone is root or not? The answer can be very easy. Because Google's Playstore has an App called Root Checker , you can learn about the root status of your phone.
    In this, if your phone is rooted, it will show you green color status and will write that Root access is properly installed. If your phone is not root, then your red color status will show here and it will write that Root access is not properly installed. This will let you know the root status of your Android Phone.

    Benefits of Android Rooting

    There are lots of advantages of doing root That's why everyone wants to know about Android rooting. I have given some important points below, which will make it easier for you to understand what happens by phone root .

    1 # Performance of your phone and Battery Life : If your mobile is rooted then you can halt it's performance by overclocking it with the help of applications. Also, underclock can increase its battery life. But you can not do these two together You have to choose one of these processes. You can interrupt both speed and battery if you want to balance between them.

    2 # You can install Incompatible Apps : Some older apps do not work in new Android versions. But with the help of root you can also run them. Some apps are not able to run completely, but they go to some extent.

    3 # You can uninstall System Apps : Apps that come with your phone are called system apps. You can not uninstall these apps. But in a rooted mobile this is very different.

    4 # Many Root Only Apps can run : There are some apps that are not run without root access. You can run them comfortably and can also enhance the feature of your mobile.

    5 # Customization can be done : Custom ROM lets you give your mobile a new look. Along with this, it will be able to change its icons, notification bar, color, font and many such elements.

    6 # You can take Full Device Backup : Titanium Backup is an application named. Which will help you to backup all your data. If you have any problem in your mobile or if you format the phone, then you will be able to do it again as old.

    Demerits of Android Rooting

    Every coin has two aspects. Similarly, 2 results of every work are released. The Android root does not just hang out and does some damage. Let's know what all those are.

    1 # Your phone may be bad : This means your phone may be completely defective. If your rooting technique does not work properly, then your phone and boot do not stop and stops in the Android logo. If you are not sure you should not try.
    2 # Warranty is destroyed by rooting : Every phone comes with one year warranty. If you root it, then its warranty goes. But there is no need to scare you. If you unroot it, then the warranty gets settled again. Why the service center will never know that your phone was first rooted.

    3 # More Update Issue : With Root, you can never update your smartphone to the new Android version. You have to unroot before, after that you will be able to update it. Sometimes the update does not work even after unroot. In this case you have to format your phone. And after updating a problem is the first rooting procedure does not work in your mobile. Each new Android version comes with a new rooting procedure.


    I have a whole hope that I want you to have Android rooting . I Gave full information about and hope you guys have come to understand about what is  the root . I am convinced of all the readers that you too share this information with your neighbors, relatives, friends, so that we will be aware of our interactions and this will greatly benefit everyone. I need you people's support so that I can bring you even more new information. My always try is to do that I always help my readers or readers on every side, if you have any doubt of any kind, then you can ask me unexpectedly. I will definitely try to solve those Doubts. Please tell us how you wrote this article on the Android root and how it should be done so that we also get a chance to learn something from your thoughts and improve something. In order to show your happiness and excitement towards my post, please share this post on Social Networks such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter .

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