When students do a professional course, there are many such occasions where they have to convince people about their project work. With the help of this application, he also puts all the information related to his project in a slide and then presents it. In the light, with the help of many types of graphs, people can show the data. When you present your data in graphical form and show it to people, then they are very easy to understand any fact. This is the reason that this application is quite popular among people.
If you still have not heard much about this application or do not know much about it, then no matter through this post we will know what is Slide in it? Apart from this, now we will also know what is its specialty? So let us know in detail about what is MS PowerPoint.
The ultimate guide to Working with the MS Powerpoint

What is MS PowerPoint ?

MS PowerPoint is a Microsoft software invented by Microsoft. This is a very powerful software to prepare a presentation. This software is bundled with MS-excel s word, MS outlook, etc. as well as under Microsoft Office. Is a software. Just like in MS Word we can easily prepare any type of document, in the same way we can prepare Presentation by MS PowerPoint. It is also known as a part of Microsoft.
The software was created on April 20, 1987 by two Microsoft members, Robert Gaskins and Dennis Austin. This software was not so much in its early days, but over time it has changed a lot and today it is capable of creating an attractive and effective Slideshow Presentation.
This application has expanded graphics and formatting capabilities. In this, you can create an attractive presentation using pictures, videos, animations, text and charts in Presentation, great companies use Presentation to explain about it to their colleagues before they start their new product. This presentation is prepared by MS PowerPoint.

What is Slide?

Just like MS Word has a page and MS Excel has a Worksheet, in the same way you will see a slide in MS PowerPoint on which we can work by putting our data, a lot of slides together form a Slideshow or Presentation. 10 or more slides have been used. Slide is used to prepare your subject as a presentation.

What is MS PowerPoint Slide Layout?

MS PowerPoint Layout is a system of placeholders designed to position your created slide. Layout allows Slide to be presented as needed. A slide layout contains special items (such as text, charts, clipart, etc.) according to the need.
Depending on the slide layout you use will depend on where PowerPoint places your content. On Slide Layout you will see different types of placeholders and you will see this on each Slide Layout. Overall, its Slide Layout is a repository of lots of placeholders from where you can easily do the necessary things for your work whether it is typing or bolding text, adding photos or any other work. Provides assistance in performing outgoing work.
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How to start PowerPoint?

If you are new about the topic of this software, then it is common to come to your mind that how to start PowerPoint or tell us how to open PowerPoint? There are some commands and shortcuts through which you can easily open this application. So let's understand a little bit about it.
You can start this in two ways, you will be able to understand both these ways with some steps mentioned below.

Method 1

Step 1: First of all you have to click on Start Button of your computer.
Step 2: After that you click on All Programs.
Step 3: Now click on Microsoft Office.
Step 4: Now click on Microsoft Office PowerPoint.
Step 5: Now your Microsoft Office PowerPoint is ready for use.

Method 2

Just like you know that every program has its own Run Command, in the same way this software also has its own Run Command and that is Powerpnt i.e. if you type this word in Search Programs or File, press the Enter button If you do, then you can start this application directly.
Apart from this, in the search bar that comes after pressing Window Key + R, you have to type Powerpnt and you can start Ms Powerpoint as soon as you click Enter.
As soon as you start this, it opens in a normal view, in which you will see a Slide and you can start your work on it, to explain this to you, we classified the parts of Slide by some number in the screenshot.
The slide / outline tab shows the thumbnail of the full size slide. After adding the second slide, you can click in the slide / outline tab, so that the slide will appear in the slide / outline tab. You can arrange the slide by dragging the thumbnail to rearrange your presentation, from this tab you can add a new slide and also remove a slide.
Here you will be able to work directly on Slide.
You can write text according to your presentation and insert Chart, Pic and any other object according to the need, where the box of the dotted line is made in the slide.
According to your presentation in the note pane below, you can write some notes in the current slide, which can be useful to the viewers during the presentation.

Features of MS PowerPoint

  • Just like every software has some feature which makes it look different from the rest, in the same way this application also has its own specialty. The use of PowerPoint makes it special. Let's know in detail about the feature of PowerPoint.
  • You can use this only for creating Presentation or if you want to create any kind of Presentation, you can easily create it from PowerPoint.
  • If you want to show your used object (Text, Pic or Chart) as an Animation, then you will get all the facilities for it.
  • In this, you can easily play any video or audio on your Presentation document, you cannot see the benefit of such feature in any other software.
  • In this, you will get different types of themes for your slides, so that you can give a look to your slide and you can also give some effects to your presentation document.
  • Just like functions are available from Microsoft in MS Word and MS Excel, in the same way you also get some function in this so that you can easily do your work with no difficulty.
  • In this, you can work independently in every part of your slide and you can choose different types of layouts to make your presentation better.

How to Create a New Slide in PowerPoint:

People who are learning Microsoft Office have this question, how to create a new slide in MS PowerPoint Let us understand. Let's understand.

Method 1:

  • Step 1: First of all you open this application, as soon as you open you will see a slide on the screen itself.
  • Step 2: Now you will see an option of Home on the top, you have to click on it.
  • Step 3: On clicking Home, you will see many more options in front of you, out of that you will have to click on New Slide.
  • Step 4: Now as soon as you click on New Slide, you will see the layout of different types of Slide, you can select that layout according to your presentation.
  • Step 5: By doing this your New Slide Create will have been done.

Method 2:

  • Step 1: First of all you open Powerpoint, as soon as you open you will see a slide on the screen itself.
  • Step 2: Now in the area with Slide / Outline, you will definitely see a Slide.
  • Step 3: You have to right click by bringing Curser on the slide.
  • Step 4: As soon as you right click, many options will be seen in that you will have to click on New Slide.
  • Step 5: By doing this, your New Slide Creat will be done, you can now change the layout of New Slide from here, for this right click on the new slide and click on Layout.

In short

In today's time, it is necessary to give a presentation in almost every corporate office or seminar etc. All the work is explained to the people on the basis of present tation. It is easy to say that it is better to write in a board, etc., that the customer-made merchandise can be shown directly to the people with the help of the screen. For this reason, such a presentation is used. This is the reason why through this post we told you what is MS PowerPoint and what is its specialty.
Apart from this, in this post we also gave you information about what is the specialty of this software and what is its full form. Even today, there are many people who do not know much about MS Powerpoint. They do not even know what work is done with this software. With the help of this article, we told you what is a slide and how to make a new slide.
Friends, you also learned how to start MS PowerPoint. We hope that with the help of this post you have got a lot to learn.

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