About Us

Welcome to the Criticaledu.com Blog. This blog has been created to help those people who want to do business online, earn money from the Internet, or want to learn something new on the Internet.
For such people, we make online money on this website, blogging, making money from blogging, doing business and sharing new information related to the internet.

About Critical Edu

This is a website that is releasing tutorial from the Education, Internet, Blogging, Online make moeny, Social network sites, Blog tips and tricks, Create new website, SEO tips, Blogger help,Tips and tricks for blogger, Save money, Earn money, Etc.
Critical Edu has been created on July 10, 2018 in Gaya, Bihar India.

This website and my only mission is to help people get the chance. Those who want to do business online and want money from the internet.
People of many countries earn millions from the internet, so why do not we? You and we too can do this. Just for this (to earn money from the Internet.) You need basic basic information on the Internet.
All of which you will get from the details on this site Critical Edu. All your help will be made on this site. If you like our work, then you must share this site with your friends on social media and if possible, tell other people about it. So that they can get information about them too.

Website Target

    • Free blogging, sharing help content on SEO ,so that new Users can also teach blogging.
    • Helping online bloggers and giving information about people learning earning from the internet.

About Me

My name is Nilesh Mishra. And I am from Gaya,Bihar,India. I created this site to help online people. Actually, I was hobbled by the internet and about a year ago I stepped into blogging. My only mission at that time was to do something that would help people and I could earn money.
Actually, since childhood, I had a passion to help people. I started it from school time, when I used to help my students solve mathematical questions.In this work, I was very happy, it is difficult to make a statement here. This passion of mine went on increasing day by day and I chose the internet for it.

The day of July 10, 2018, when I stepped into the world of blogging. My only mission in anger was that I do something that will help people and I can earn some money (to run my house).

Blogging helped me with it. I did not just eliminate the Problem of Blogging but found the blessings of thousands of people. Surely I was happy with it and am happy.

Helping people through the Internet has now become my Passion. Now in just every day, I think what kind of information I share with my blog readers, so that they can be helped more and more.
If you need any help now or you want to ask us, you can mail us directly at admin@criticaledu.com.