Basic computer knowledge that everyone should know

If you want computer information that the definition of computer is to know the type of computer and this post is for you only then you will get basic computer knowledge that everyone should know . If you want to know about computers then read this post.
Prior to introducing basic computer information, the most important question is what is a computer and what method it works on, let’s try to know what the computer is.

basic computer knowledge that everyone should know

What is Computer

The computer term is composed of the word “compute”, hence it is also called calculator or computer or computing device and it was invented for calculation, in a straightforward language computer calculation machine was , Like your calculator.

Computer is a electronic machine, which is used to convert meaningless data into meaningful information with the help of a program.

Program is a set of instructions.

Note: – Without a program, the computer does not complete any work, hence it is also called Programmable Machine.

What is data?

The word data is the multilingual form of the Greek word datum. It means meaningless data, which we can not use unless it is arranged.

The data used by computer is made up of the following:

Alphabets A characters from A to Z
0-9 (Number) points from 0 to 9.
Special characters for symbols (+, -, =, /, <,>) etc.

What is information?

Information is an organized form of data, or classified, which is always meaningful for the receiver.

Information should have the following qualities: –

Timely information should be available on time.

  • Accuracy – Information should be 100% in pure form.
  • Completeness – Information should be in complete form.


What is the full form of computer

  • C = Common
  • O = Oriented
  • M = Machine
  • P = Particularly
  • U = United and used under
  • T = Technical and
  • E = Educational
  • R = Research
Both software and hardware are required for the computer to work properly. If called in a straightforward language, then both of these are complementary to each other. Without the hardware software is useless and without software hardware is useless The hardware command is given from the computer software, information about how a hardware is to be executed is already inserted inside the software. Many types of hardware are connected to the computer’s CPU, making the computer compatible with all of them, system software, that is, operating system.

Computer Functions

The process of computer operation completes in a phased manner –

Input → Processing → Output

For input, you use input devices like keyboard, mouse, and also give the computer commands or instructions through the software or enter data.
Processing is the second part of this process in which the given number or data given by you is processed according to the information and instructions available in the software by the processor.
The third and final part is the output, in which the information processed on the basis of the given number is given to you by the computer, which you get by the output device.

List of Output Device

Output Devices: – The information processed on the basis of the given command given to you is given to you by the computer, which is received by the output device or the output unit. Output hardware is the output device. The best example is your computer monitor. This is called i / o devices
  • Monitors
  • Speaker
  • Printer
  • The projector
  • Headphones
  • Printer

List of Input Device

Input device input devices are such that the data and commands can be stored or entered in the computer. The input device converts the data and instructions stored in the main memory into a binary.
  • The mouse
  • Key board
  • Scanner
  • DVD drive
  • Pen Drive
  • card reader
  • Microphone

Important parts of the computer

The computer is a machine and the same machinery parts of the computer are called hardware of computer but it is not that the only hardware can do all the work. The second part of the computer is the software, with the help of software, computer hardware is instructed and Following the instructions, the hardware does all the work. The software is the soul of the computer and the hardware is its body. Both of them are absolutely essential to do any work, they are important to everyone connected with computers as hardware and do their separate tasks such as keyboard input. And the printer gives you output.

The following important parts of the computer are: –

  • Monitor
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard 
  • Central Processing Unit
  • UPS
Monitor or LCD: – Its use shows the display of all the computer’s pregrams. This is an output device.
Key board: – It is used for typing in the computer, it is an input device. We can also operate the computer only through key board.
Mouse: – The mouse makes the computer easy to use, it is a remote device in the same way as well as an input device.
C.P.U. (Central Processing Unit): – This is an important part of the computer, all our data is saved, all the parts of the computer are CPU. Stay connected. 
UPS: – This hardware or machine prevents shutdown of computer power when connected, so that all our data remains secure.

Hardware and Software

The system is a group of multiple units, which are designed to achieve one or more goals. Similarly, the computer is also a system, which aims to do a variety of functions and whose units are hardware and software.

Hardware –

 All the mechanical, electronic and electrical parts used in the computer which we can see with eyes and touch with hands are called hardware. Such as monitor, keyboard, hard disk, circuit, memory chip etc.Computer hardware has two types depending on their function and structure-
CPU (Central Processing Unit) – The function of the CPU is to process the given data and remove the information in the output form. The Memory is divided mainly into three parts-
1. Control unit – control unit acts as a control or controlling the data and instructions given to the computer. The control unit governs the internal functions of the computer, controls them. After this, these actions are exchanged in ALU and memory.
2. Arithmetic logic unit – Arithmetic logic unit is used to perform arithmetic operations on logical tasks on the data and instructions given on the computer. ALU distributes data and instructions from the control unit to the memory in the form of information.
3. Memory – This is the part of the computer in which all the data and instructions are stored. If this is not a part, the data and instructions given to the computer will be immediately exposed. Memory is mainly of two types-
1. Main Memory 
2. Supporting Memory

Main Memory and Supporting Memory Types

1. Main Memory 
These are mainly of two types-

1. Random Access Memory – This memory is like a chip, which is made of metal oxide semiconductor. All the information present in the RAM are temporary and as soon as the computer’s power supply is stopped, all the information is destroyed. RAM is used to store data and read data in it. Each location present in the RAM has its own address, through this address, we tell the CPU that in which location of the storage is to store the information or which location to get the information.
2. Read Only Memory – The data and instructions present in this memory are permanent, due to which they can be read only, but it is not possible to modify their data and instructions. Due to the continuation of data and instructions, even if the computer’s power supply is stopped, information stored in the Rome chip is preserved. When making a Rome chip, some essential data and programs are put in it which are permanent. Rome is used in all types of electronic devices such as calculator, video game, digital camera etc.
Peripheral –
Input Devices, Output Devices and Secondary Storage Devices are commonly called Peripherals. These are of three types – 
1. Input Unit 
2. Output Unit 
3. Collection Unit 


All the mechanical, electronic and electrical parts used in the computer which we can see with eyes but can not touch, are called software. There are hundreds of computers in computers, which are written or made for different tasks. All these programs are grouped together as software. 
What is software?
Software is a set of programs. Computer programs are a phased instruction, which tells the computer how to complete a task. The software can not be touched, it can only be viewed and felt.
Software can be divided into two parts.

Types of software

  1. System Software or Operating System Software
  2. Application Software

System Software

The software that makes the computer workable, join the computer to control all the hardware and software, the system software is called.
System software acts as a medium between user and computer. It provides an interface to the user from which the user completes his task.
System software is also called the soul of Computer. It is made with the help of low-level language (a computer language to create system software). System software is also known as operating system software or OS.
Examples of some system software-

  • Operating System (MS-DOS, MS-Windows)
  • Compilers
  • Interpreter
  • Assemblers

Application Software –

This type of software is used to complete a particular task on the computer. And the software used to complete this particular work is called application software.

Word Processing Program – With this kind of application software you can create Letters, Reports, on the computer.
Spreadsheet Program – With this type of application software you can complete countless calculations on the computer.
Database Program – This application is useful for storing, sorting and retrieving data in large quantities.
Presentation Program – This application software facilitates you to present the information in many attractive forms. With this help you can prepare attractive reports and proposals.
Browser – With this help you use the internet on the computer.

Limitation of Computer

1. Lack of Intelligence – Computer is a machine. It does not have intelligence like humans, it only follows the instructions given by the user, in any case the computer does not work less than the instructions given.
2. The lack of Common sense – It is also important to know that the computer never makes a mistake, but if the user takes the wrong thing, then it does not have its general sense ie the common sense if you have not told the computer “border is a girl “Then she will consider him as a default boy, it does not make a difference in name, Computer is not a wise machine, it does not recognize right or wrong.
3. Dependence on electricity – The computer requires electricity to work without the electricity computer is more than a metal box and nothing else.
4. Upgrade and Update – Computer is a machine that has to upgrade and update from time to time. If it does not, the computer can not work properly
5. Virus threat – The computer is always at risk of virus, once the virus arrives, this computer can damage the files in the operating system as well.

Benefits Of Computer

1. Speed ​​- where one takes time to do a small calculation, the computer is able to do bigger calculation seconds in less than seconds, this speed is provided by the processor, the speed of the computer is measured in Hz, the computer’s Working intensity is measured in per second, per milliseconds, per nanoseconds etc.
2. Accuracy – Working without error, that is to accomplish any part of the work with full accuracy, the computer is the second feature, the computer never makes any mistake, the computer always gives the right result, because computers are made by us Only after following the instructions given by the program, executes a task, if the result given by the computer is being misinterpreted, then its program There may be some mistake in the tram that is prepared by humans
3.Automation- After giving instructions to the computer, until the task is completed, it keeps working in a non-automated manner, for example, when the computer gives the command to print the printer from 100 pages, then complete 100 pages It will stop after printing, the computer gets instructions for doing all these tasks, it caters to them on the basis of them. This instruction is given to the computer program / software door There are different programs / software for doing all the work.
4. permanent Storage- The memory used in the computer is used for permanent storage of data, information and instructions. Since the information in the computer is stored electronically, the possibility of ending the information is less.
5. Large Storage Capacity – unlimited data and information can be stored in the external and internal storage media (hard disk, floppy disk, magnetic tape, CD-ROM) of the computer. Information about low-level information can be collected in the computer. Hence its storage capacity is huge and unlimited.


Here I have given basic information about the computer, you have liked it, here’s what the computer is, how the computer works, what is the full form of computer, what is the computer’s input and output device, computer limitations,what are the benefits of the computer etc. If you liked this post, do not forget to share it on social media. I will tell about the generation and history of the computer in my next post.If you have any queries related to this post then post a comment below.

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