The Ultimate Guide to Classification Of Computer

Computer is a device that can store large amounts of data or information and can do many calculations and also make different and diverse tasks too easy Can solve, special computers for specialized work and operations, for example space exploration and exploration, atom science, genetic engineering. Super Computers are used because they are very evolving and are specialized in this type of operation and have expertise in this area. At home we can use computer for entertainment, movies, songs and graphics etc. Home PCs or desktop computers are suitable for these purposes.
The Ultimate Guide to Classification Of Computer – Using administrators, officers, representatives, and business people, is common and is widely used due to its mobility and portability, as well as it can be used with the help of a battery available within each laptop. And of course, it can accomplish every task compared to desktop or home PC (personal computer), so computerization can be done with the help of some features that they have size, functionality, capabilities and speed.
It is very difficult to do direct classification directly on the computer. Computer classification can be done on the basis of their work, experimentation, and objectives. Therefore, we classify the computer on three basis.
1. Based on application
2. Based On Purpose 
3. On the basis of size

Classification Of Computer


    Classification of Computer based on application

    The computer is classified in three main types: 

    1. Analog Computers – Analog Computers
    2. Digital Computers – Digital Computers
    3. Hybrid Computers (Analog + Digital) 

    Analog Computers -Analog computers are used to measure “voltage, pressure” and electric current. These quantities are continuously different and vary from one measure to another, such as the temperature of a person or person. They process data or instructions or information given in an analog data or simple data. They are equipped to measure rather than counting or checking, they are specially designed to measure and can perform arithmetic calculations on numbers, where the physical quantity is shown to the numbers

    Analog computer is used in scientific and industrial enterprises, where they have to make the temperature, voltage, and electric currents available on the screen. Examples of Analog Computer – Examples of analog computers:
    • Speedometer
    • Thermometer

    Digital Computers – “Digital Computer” can complete or execute arithmetic and logical operations upon giving them in the binary number system. These types of computers are not meant to measure physical quantities like temperature, electric current, and voltage. They are high speed programmable machines or computers that can run many mathematical calculations, and store data or information. When any direction or direction is given, they convert that instruction or data or information into machine readable form which is 0 or 1 is called “Binary Number System” Example: Desktop Computer or Personal Computer (PC) Desktop Computer or personal computer (pc) laptop

    Hybrid Computers (Analog + Digital) – They can achieve both the properties and characteristics of analog and digital computers, with physical quantities as well as counting or testing Can guide them or guide them or usually use scientific and medical. Just for example, there are some machines that can calculate the heart beat and temperature of the human body and change them or they can turn them into numbers.

    Type of Computers based on Purpose

    Based on the objectives, we can talk to the computer in two parts.
    (A) General Purpose Computer
    (B) Specialized Purpose Computer

    General Purpose Computer

    These computers have the ability to do many types of work but all these functions are normal and are not of any particular type. Such as writing a word processing letter from word processing. Document preparation. Print the document, make the database. C.P.U. engaged in these computers The ability to work is also done. In these computers, we can not add any special device for any specific purpose. Because of C.P.U. The functionality of a lot of work is done. Therefore they can only be used for general purpose.

    Specialized Purpose Computer

    These computers are designed for any particular work, such as the computer’s C.P.U. The ability of that is in accordance with that work. The work for which this computer is created. If these computers are more than one C.P.U. These computers are composed of many C.P.U. Is done. As such, a computer to be used in a studio to make music is a special type of computer. Music related to music can be added to this computer.
    Apart from this, these computers are used in the areas such as space science, meteorology, field of war, satellite operations, in the field of medicine, in physical chemistry, in traffic control, in marine science, in agricultural science, engineering These computers are used in other areas.

    Classification of Computer Based on Size

    The computer can be classified in four different types 

    1. Super Computers – Super Computers
    2. Mini Computers – Mini Computer
    3. Micro Computers – Micro Computers
    4. Mainframe Computers- Mainframe Computer

    Super Computers

    They are quite fast and can understand and comprehend millions of information per second, their speed is calculated in “flops” floating point operations, they can instruct more than 1.2 billion per second and Can store large amounts of data, they are vast in size, and the most powerful than any other computer and complex scientific applications such as atomic energy, genetic, etc. Giniyring, nuclear energy, the weather forecast is used as the search for defense, space and so forth. They are also used in the calculation of earthquake measurements, when they are contrary or compared with others, they are quite expensive 
    Example: Param , Tianhe-2

    Mini Computers

    They are commonly known as “Mid-range Computers”, which were developed using transistors and core memory technology in 1960 and are small, cheap, and contain a large data or information storage Capacity, Mini Computers is used in the production industry. Systems with 100 terminals can be used as “HOST” in the state of networking, they have a difficult operating system, can work differently at once. They are digital computers that can work with high speed and are also used in independent enterprises and in scientific use. The powerful minicomputer is called “super-minis”

    Micro Computers

    They are the most common and famous type of computer. They have used a microprocessor (CPU) microprocessor to have a silicon chip where hundreds of components fit like transistors, capacitors and blockers. They have input, output, storage, control unit for better computer performance. Microcomputers are called “personal computers”, “personal computers”, they are actually doing really cheap, high performance with an inexpensive storage unit, and these days the user became famous due to their functionality and low cost. Are. Them “workstation” Can be considered as where many other PCs can connect to them in a computer networking environment.

    Desktop Computers, Laptop,Notebook Computer or Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), Mobile Device

    Desktop Computers – Desktop Computer is called “personal computer” and is cheaper, smaller in size, works with AC power, they are so small that they can fit on tables like keyboard and mouse Input devices can be used in desktop PCs, they do not have mobility or versatility, nor are they portable.
    Laptop –  laptops are extremely popular these days because they are “mobile” and can be used at any location. Students, professionals, even businessmen can do their work anywhere, they can work with AC power or batteries. Every operation or application can be used with high speed and high performance (CPU), Dell and Compaq are the leading brands that produce laptops.
    Note Book–  Notebooks are small gadgets with small devices or graphical display screens, users can view movies, surf the net, and perform every action or operation compared to laptops and desktops.
    Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) – The smallest computer in all is called Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). They are in very small size, PDAs are pen-based computers because they work like a pen-stylus
    Mobile Devices –  These are very small devices because these devices are very small so they can be kept in our pocket. Android and Windows-based operating systems are available in the mobile market. As they can perform operations such as movies, songs, surfing games, they are extremely popular because their functionality has been enhanced with better hardware and software features.

    Mainframe Computer

    Mainframe computers are very small in size. And their storage capacity is also high. They have the ability to press data at very high speed. Therefore, they are used as a central computer in large companies, banks, and government departments. These computers can work 24 hours. Secure users can work together on these computés. Mainframe computers can be interconnected with a network or micro computer. These computers can be used for various tasks. Such as the details of the purchase by the consumers, the details of the payment, sending the bill, sending the notice, paying employees, giving detailed details of the tax etc. Some mainframe computers have names – IBM 4381, ICL39 Series and CDC Cyber ​​Series.

    Components of Computers 

    • Input
    • Output 
    • Control Unit 
    • ALU – Arithmetic Logic Unit
    • Storage Unit 
    Input – Input Unit accepts data or instructions outside the world with the help of accessories such as keyboard and mouse, to control the input unit in the binary number system, or to change the data and further forward the data for additional processing. Is .
    Output – Output Unit is an entity that produces or creates results, which is recorded in the computer system, is binary, the output unit changes the data to human-readable or intelligent form Gives and distributes or distributes output using printers and monitors
    Control Unit – The control unit can be said to be the internal operation supervisor or nervous system, it translates to every single operation provided to the computer system. At that point when the data is provided to the computer system, it takes original and necessary action, it controls every action and later decides what to do with the data or information presented. Each unit present in the PC has control unit control and convenience
    ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit)– it is responsible and in charge for all functions, such as (Equal, Small, Large, Extra, Subtraction, Multiplication, Partition, Comparison and logical functions used in these operations. The results from arithmetic and logic units are stored in a temporary memory.
    Storage Unit – Storage Unit: There are two types of storage units in the computer system
    1. Primary Storage 
    2. Secondary Storage 

    Primary Storage – Primary Storage can be called “Main Memory”, if there is a power failure or the computer system is not starting, the data can not be stored or saved, so it should be called “Temporary memory” Data or instructions stored in primary memory before transferring to ALU for the extra storage in primary memory, the primary memory is compared to secondary storage [Memory] in one Imit storage capacity, and very expensive. Example: RAM (Random Access Memory)

    Secondary Storage – Secondary Storage can be called “PERMANENT STORAGE”, secondary storage memory can keep our data safe or secure, and your information will always be safe when the computer stops working Give or else go to power. This memory is also called “Permanent Memory”. This kind of memory is very cheap if you compare “Primary memory“.


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