What are the components of the system unit

Information about the System Unit

System Unit is a very important part of the computer. It looks like a rectangular box. There are few buttons and CD / DVD drive in front of the system unit.
There are many types of sockets attached to the system unit’s background. With the help of all computer devices – keyboards, mouse, monitors, printers and speaker wires, systems are connected to the previous part of the unit.
Inside the system unit, there are very important devices of the computer,
Motherboard, Central Processing Unit (CPU), Basic Input Output Software (BIOS), Random Access Memory (RAM), Hard Disk Drive (HDD) and Power Supply Box (SMPS).

    Front of the system unit

    The system unit has the following components:
    • Power Switch – This system unit is used to turn the power supply on or off for the computer.
    • Reset Button – This button is used to turn the computer back on without power supply turned off.
    • Lights – The light color of the red color in the system unit, indicating that the hard disk core is being read by the computer. Green or blue light indicates power supply.
    • DVD / CD- This section allows access to computer-connected DVD / CD data.
    Information about the System Unit

    Rear part of system unit

    There are different types of connection points in the previous part of the system unit, these are called port.

    Port and connection information: –

    • Power – Power port supplies electricity to the computer with the help of a power wire.
    • Keyboard / Mouse – In this port the PS / 2 keyboard and mouse are connected.
    • Serial port – Serial port is a general-purpose port, in which almost any device such as modem, keyboard, and mouse is added.
    • Parallel Port – Parallel port is used to connect the printer. This is also called printer port.
    • Video port – Video port is used to connect external monitors, projectors.
    • The USB-Universal Serial Bus (USB) is a multi-purpose port of a new technology, with the help of almost all the hardware (keyboard, mouse, printer, camera, modem) used in today’s time from the computer Can connect.
    • With the help of Ethernet – Ethernet port, you can connect to the local area network of the computer and the internet.
    • Audio – Audio port is used to connect the speaker.
    Information about the System Unit

    Inside the System Unit –

    The computer system unit is a complex machine. There are so many tools connected in it. If you look inside the system unit, you will find the following important parts-
    • Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS)
    • Motherboard
    • Central Processing Unit (CPU)
    • Basic Input-Output Software (BIOS)
    • Random access memory (RAM)
    • Hard Disk Drive (HDD)
    • Network Interface Card (NIC)
    Information about the System Unit


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