12 most important input devices of computer that you should know

Input device is a hardware device that sends data to the computer, so that you can contact the computer and control it. An input device is the hardware or external device used to send data to the computer.
Nowadays we all use computers, so it is important to know about its parts. The input device is the part of the computer itself. Now, what is the secret behind this device’s name? Input means to put something inside the computer ie giving something inside the computer or giving some data to the computer and the device means “device” through which to input computer. So together we can say that through which we give some data to the computer, it is called an input device. These are of many types, so let me explain to you in detail in INPUT DEVICE.

What is input device

Input Device is a very important part of the computer. Through which we can give some instructions or instructions to the computer or to put some data into the computer. Through this device, we can order the computer to do some work. So that he can process the work well inside it and show the output to the user. Some examples of this have been given below.

What is input device


Name of Input Devices you see every day.


    Through all these devices, we can give any data to the computer, such as text (text), audio (audio), video etc. We use different types of input devices to input all these data. You have to understand here in a little bit more detail.
    With the mouse you use different icons of computer to select, text, open and close the window. Where you are giving INSTRUCTION to COMPUTER. Joy Stick and Track Ball are also used to select and control. Texture data is stored in the computer using Scanner, such as Marksheet, Certificate and another document. To input audio, the microphone and video camera / mobile camera goes inside the video data computer. Some information is fetched by devices like Magnetic Ink Card Reader (MICR), Optical Character Reader (OCR), Bar Code Reader, Optical Mark Reader (OMR), especially in the shopping mall and to check the Exam Answer Sheet.

    Types of Input Device

    We use different types of INPUT DEVICE to insert data into the computer. Different types of devices are used to enter different types of DATA. What we use every day is the keyboard and mouse. Through the keyboard, we can input text and through mouse, we can run COMPUTER as Operate. Mouse is also called Pointing Device and there are many types of input devices. Let me tell you all in detail. First let me tell you the name of the input device.
    Let’s talk to friends about you all in detail-

    1. Keyboard

    1. The keyboard is like a typewriter. It has all the keys like typewriters. The most commonly used keyboard is “QWERTY”. USB cable is used to connect the keyboard to the computer. It can also be connected with the help of wireless or blueTooth.

    3. The computer has a button in the keyboard. These buttons are called keys. There are different types of keys in the keyboard. The name of the key keys is as follows –

    Important Keys Of the keyboard

    • Function keys – These keys are 12 total. Their series ranges from F1 to F12. All these function keys have different functions.
    • Numeric Keys – These keys range from 0 to 9. Their job is to input numeric data.
    • Toggle keys – These are Caps Lock, num Lock, Scroll Lock keys. On Caps Lock On, the letters are in uppercase. The function of Num Lock Key is to turn off numeric keys.
    • Navigation keys – The cursor has to be moved on to the task page. There are key keys in Arrow, Home, End, Page Up, Page Down. Arrow keys are like arrows in appearance. There are four types of arrow keys – up, down, left, right.
    • Control keys – These keys are used alone or with any other key. These are the keys Ctrl key, Alt key, Esc key, Window key key. Ctrl key and Alt are also called combinations key because these keys are used with any other key. These are also called shortcut keys.
    • Typing Key – These keys are used to input data. The most used key is the incoming key. These are alphanumeric keys. These are alphabet, number and special characters. There are also special types of symbols. In the document, there are keys to the colon, semicolon after any word.


    4. A special type of keys has a Backspace key, whose task is to delete the letters of the left and the cursor. There is a Delete key that removes the letters on the right side of the cursor.

    5. There is also a long space key which works to give space between words. This key is called Space-bar Key.

    6. There are two types of text written above some keys. A key is on the top side and the bottom of the other key. Generally words written on the bottom of the key are typed. The task of the Shift key is to type the text written above any key.
    7. The keyboard contains an important key, which is named Enter. After completing any line in the page, enter the cursor and enter the second line. Enter works like OK.

    8. The key called Prt-scr is used to take a screenshot of the computer.

    2. Mouse

    As we use the hand to carry, carry, fetch, carry, etc. to carry something. Just like a mouse works for the computer as a hand. Mouse is also called pointing device. We use the mouse to select an item or to open or close something. Through the mouse, we can go anywhere on the screen.

    Mouse is a hand-held device, which is used to input the instructions in the computer. User puts the palm of the mouse on the mouse, and moves on a mouse pad, the resulting pointer moves on the screen.
    By moving the pointer you can select the icon, open the program, and select the commands in the program.

    Benefits from the Mouse: –

    • Easy to use |
    • Less expensive
    • Move cursor into keyboard faster than keyboard.

    Mouse Button-

    Most of the mouse has two buttons (left button and right button) and a wheel.

    Left Button Use –

    The left mouse button is used to select the program or to open.
    You can use the left button of the mouse in two ways-

    Single click – If you click once on a program or an icon with the left mouse button of the mouse, then the program or icon will be selected.

    Double click – if you click repeatedly with the left mouse button on a program or icon, the program or icon will be opened.

    Use Right button – Right button of mouse is used to select specific commands associated with a program or icon.

    If you click the right mouse button on a program, a menu of special commands will be displayed from that program, from which you can select the command according to your function.

    Use of Wheel– A small wheel between the mouse button lets you scroll through the documents and web pages.

    3. Microphone

    As we use video recorder and voice recorder. Similarly, the microphone is used in video recording, movies, and so on. It first converts this sound into a digital form, then stores it and then it shows its output through the speaker.

    4. Light Pen

    This is a pointing device. Its size is the same as a normal pen. Light Pen is used for writing in the computer, making some pictures in it and etc.

    5. Scanner

    Scanner is used to convert any paper or magazine image or data into a computer file format. The computer only gets permission to take a printed document through a scanner. The scanner is associated with our computer. Need to get help with the SCSI (small computer system interface) to connect the scanner to the computer. There is an application to read the image like Photoshop Scanner is used to scan black and white or color data.

    6. Joystick

    Joystick is used to control the movement of the computer device’s cursor or pointer. This input device is mostly used in gaming applications and graphics applications. Its name is given by the control stick used by the pilot. It has more than one push-button. These buttons are called switches. Positions of these buttons are read by the computer.

    7. Trackball

    Trackball is a pointing input device. Instead of the mouse, the trackball is used. Trackball is used mostly on Notebook and Laptop. As you move the ball to the trackball, your pointer will move as well.The trackball , which has the sensors in the held socket, gives input by detecting the rotation of the ball. You can easily take it by hand and rotate its ball.

    8. Graphic Tablet

    Digitizer is also called the Digitizer tablet or Graphics tablet. Images / graphics / animation is drawn from the pen (stylus) on Digitizer. As you draw images on paper, images are drawn by the stylus on the digitizer. What is drawn here is information; input is sent to the computer as output. It is mostly used for CAD (Computer Aided Design) softwares.

    9. Magnetic Ink Card Reader (MICR)

    If you have not noticed yet, then now look at your bank check below where the check number and some information is written. There is a special factor in the information that MICR detects is the full form of MICR Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) The characters that are written are written by Magnetic Inc., which detects the MICR reader
    MICR is a device processing process based on Character recognition technology, it has a scanner that reads the printed magnetic ink character code on the check. MICR encoding is also called the MICR line. In the lower part of the cheque.

    10. Optical Character Reader (OCR)

    OCR or Optical Character Recognition is a technology that enables you to convert various types of documents. Images taken from paper documents, PDF files or a digital camera scanned from this technology can be converted into edit and searchable data.
    Technically, OCR, handwriting, printed or typed text that convert the electronic or mechanical version of the images into machine-encoded text.

    11. Bar Code Reader

    Barcode is a special type of code in which there is a series of thin and thick lines these lines are called times and that which is coding or identification is not by the line thickness of the line. And the difference between them can be called this method as one-dimensional (1 dimensional barcodes i.e. 1D barcode). Barcode can be read with the help of Optical Scanners, which is called Barcode Reader. Barcode reader has a laser beam that changes the code into digital data through the relation in line and space and it is sent to the computer.

    12. Optical Mark Reader (OMR)

    OMR means that the optical mark reader is a special type of scanner, that is, an input device that is designed to identify specific types of marks or marks, you must have given an examination on OMR sheet in different types of exams You have to fill the sphere correctly with a black pencil, answer answer, then this OMR sheet is inserted in the OMR scanner and This scanner puts a laser light on your seat and scans only those dark circles where you have been completely blackened in the OMR sheet, the amount of laser comes back less and where you Goals have not been blackened, the laser volume comes back much more.


    The main theme of our author of today is what is the input device, after which type of input device and then go through all the detail in detail. The world is changing fast and in this changing phase, a company like Google is working on a number of Innovative Projects. One of which is Google Lens through which you can store some of the data around you in your mobile.

    Please tell me how I felt this article and tell me if I made some mistake. If you have any advice in your mind or if there are any questions then definitely tell in the comment box below. Computer Science is easy, take care of yourself, always be happy, keep working, floor is not far away.

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