What are the different courses related to computer After 12th

Nowadays, computer work is everywhere, whether it is a government job or a private job, whether it’s your business or your home, without a computer, it is not possible to work. Do you know What are the different courses related to computer After 12th ,This is why computer courses have increased the importance of various types of computer courses, from which computers can increase your knowledge by doing a good job or doing any other work.  Come know some computer course list.Here is different courses related to computer After 12th.




    1. CCC (Courses on Computer Concepts) – 

    CCC’s Full Form is a computer concept .  NIEIT (National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology) has made CCC (Course on Computer Concepts) Certificate mandatory in various government jobs, so millions of people want to learn computer and if you want to do CCC course then let’s know that  What is the course CCC.

    2. Adobe Photoshop: –

    It has been made by the Adobe company, as soon as Photoshop’s name comes, many different types of unique things come to mind and it is also the most popular software used in the world of Photoshop for digital imaging, many Incredible Photos from Adobe Photoshop Make them  You can also see some examples of some of these,
    Photoshop has not only made it the most popular place in the world of digital imaging, but is not able to replicate any other software till date, this is also one of the reasons, its simple navigation, its toolbar and its other plugins, imaging software Apart from Photoshop can be used for.  It gives you the freedom to work, command shortcuts give you speed, its tools professional touch your work, if you have a little skill, and you want to learn from Photoshop, then earn money Are.  But you have to work hard.
    Photoshop is a graphics and imaging software, so computers have some system requirements to run it, i.e. to run Photoshop properly, your computer needs at least these hardware in Photoshop, Windows XP, a bigger on Windows 7 Work but if you are using less than Windows XP version, then there may be trouble running Photoshop, because Intel P4 2.8 Giggs Areas with processor processors require a processor with computer 512 RAM, or if your computer wants to work commercially, your computer may hang on to something else centered. First, determine whether the graphics card is at least 256 MB.

    3. Computer Hardware and Software Courses

    Computer Hardware and Software Courses :- The word computer is composed of the word “count”, which means “calculation”, that is why it is also called calculator or computer, it was invented to calculate, in the old time computers used only to calculate But nowadays it is used to listen to documentary, e-mail, audio and video listening and viewing, playing games, preparing a database, and many more, such as in banks, educational institutions In computers, in computers, in computers, computers are being used extensively, stores, computers only work what we call it to do, i.e. it only follows those commands which are first They are only inserted inside the computer. It does not have the ability to think, the person running a computer is called a user, and the person who creates a program for the computer is called a programmer.

    There are basically two parts in the computer –

    1. Hardware

    Hardware is part of a computer machine such as LCD, keyboard, mouse, CPU, UPS etc. which can be seen by touching.  Part of the machine is made out of the computer part and computer hardware is determined by the computer hardware.  Nowadays computers require some hardware to run some software.  If the computer does not have hardware according to the software then the software can not be played in the computer.



    The following important parts of the computer are: –

    • Monitor or LCD.
    • Key board
    • Mouse
    • CPU
    • UPS

    Monitor or LCD: – It uses all the pregrams of the computer.  This is an output device.

    Key board: – It is used to type in computer, it is an input device.  We can also operate computers only through key board.

    Mouse: – Mouse makes the computer easier to use, it is a remote device, in the same way the input device is also there.

    CPU (Central Processing Unit): – This is an important part of the computer, all our data is saved, all parts of the computer are CPU.  Stay Connected.

    UPS (Uninterruptible power supply): – This prevents computer power from closing when the hardware or machine is connected, so that all of our data is safe and secure.

    2. Software

    The software is the part of the computer that we can only see and work on it, the software has been built on the computer so that it can be easier to work, nowadays the software has been designed as a work software. .  The software is designed by software programmers keeping in mind the needs of users in large companies, some of which are available for free and charge for some.  For example, if you have to do photo related work, then use Media Player to view Photoshop or any video.

    4. Visual effects, animations –

    VFX and Animation Course – The full meaning of CGI is a computer graphics image This technique is being used in all the movies of today, due to the fact that CGI can use any type of set, which can be used to see that it is genuine, in the film It is used in such a way that you can not distinguish between real mockery and avoids the cost of thousands of dollars to build your set.

    5. MS – Office (Microsoft Office)

    Microsoft Office is also called ms office.  It’s a collection that includes many application software such as MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point etc. It can be used as a work of the office, such as creating a spreadsheet or writing a document.
    In addition to office work, we can use it to create a document type spread sheet or to make a presentation for college.
    Microsoft Office has made office and business work very easy, before it was necessary to create large files to keep office data and responses, which were extremely difficult to handle.

    6. DTP Course – Desktop Publishing Course 

    The facility of DTP is not only a professional publication, but also a major achievement in the field of office automation. All auto companies print many types of material about their work such as pamphlets, posters, advertisements, balance-sheets, progress magazines, booklets, etc. Earlier this work was done by manual type setting, in which each word would have to be hand written. It is necessary to make a block of picture or c paper, it is checked and printed after composition.

    7. Cyber ​​Security and Ethical Hacking

    Cyber ​​Crime is a crime that involves computers and networks to meet any computer at a crime location or to commit a crime to a computer. Computer is called a computer, obtaining someone’s personal information, misusing it, using someone’s personal information It also comes under Cyber ​​Crime by taking out or stealing from the computer.

    Computer crime is done in many ways, such as stealing information, erasing information, changing information, giving someone’s personal detail to someone else, stealing parts of a computer or destroying them etc.

    8. Programming Language Course 

    Programming language is a kind of computer language. This language is used to write software and program. The number of software and mobile that you see inside the computer are created through all programming languages. As in our human languages, Grammar means Grammar. In the same way, writing programming languages is written according to grammar i.e. syntax rules.

    9. Web Designing Course

    Web Designing is done to create, update websites. Includes Webpage Layout, Graphic Layout, Content Production. Creating a website means Web Designing. Web Designing is designed to create a website and according to the plan website is shaped. And the color is determined. The information that is given on the website is Contents, how to show Users and how it works. All these things are taken care of.


    Here I have given information about computers and related courses, I will give detailed information about all the courses in the next post, if you have enjoyed my post then do not forget to share it with your friends, You are most welcome on my Blog.If you have any question then Contact Us.

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