Complete Tutorial for working with WordPad

WordPad is a free text editor software. WordPad remains unavailable in all versions of Microsoft Windows. WordPad is already installed on your computer so WordPad does not need to be installed. WordPad also has a text editor like Notepad. There is a little advance feature with Notepad. Because of which you can do many formatting in your file. Wordpad is used to create a document.
In this tutorial, we will give you a Complete Tutorial for working with WordPad.

In WordPad, you can have your written text in different colors, as well as make the text size font larger as per your requirement. The text seems to be retractable due to which wordpad is small and simple software. We can open WordPad in many ways in our system.
Working with WordPad

WordPad is a word processing program that allows you to create a letter or report, print it, and even secure it for the future.wordpad


    Opening the Wordpad Program

    To open WordPad-
    1. Click the Start button.
    2. Click All Programs option.
    3. Click on the Accessories folder.
    4. Select the WordPad program.
    open wordpad

    What is WordPad Features?

    What you can do in WordPad is the features of this software called know what are the features inside WordPad
    1. You can do formatting by typing text.
    2. You can change font size, color, alignment of text.
    3. In your document, you can add pictures, date and time as well as any other object.
    After the WordPad opens, you get the following window.

    Object of WordPad –

    Using the WordPad button -you can create a new file in WordPad, open the file, create a file, and print the file.
    Quick Access Toolbar – This allows access to commonly used commands such as Save, Undo and Redo.
    Ribbon – The Ribbon gives access to all the commands used in WordPad such as editing, formatting.
    Page – This is your working area, where you do your work.



    Machine Room Practice (Wordpad)

    Open WordPad. Type the following paragraphs, and remove the print.

    Global Warming

    In the last few decades, our material comforts and luxuries have increased very much. But the huge cost of this luxury is also being paid by us. The result of excessive use of refrigerators, coolers, air-conditioners and other machines has been that there has been a tremendous increase in chloro-ploro carbon in the atmosphere, which has a hole in the horoscope of the sun, which protects the sun from the deadly ultraviolet rays. The house is becoming hot due to ‘mouth’, the process of becoming more hotter than the Earth’s own time rate is called ‘Global Warming’ rming) or increase in globalization heat
    If these green houses grew by this speed, then the whole world’s temperature could rise to 1.5 to 4.5 degree Centigrade in the next half century, due to which many illnesses are prone to the rise of sea level along with the development of natural disasters. It has been done that could affect the country’s nearly hundred million people and one-third of the agricultural land.
    The main reason for global warming –The main cause of climate warming is increasing in the greenhouse, especially carbon dioxide in the atmosphere due to the rising population, forests are being wiped out for food production; the wood is being used as fuel, thereby increasing the harmful gases Carbon dioxide, methane and chloro – the amount of fluoro carbon is becoming increasingly hot every day, the climate is getting warmer. Is also used in Ugogo of natural resources – such as coal, mineral oil, etc. | Due to the development of blind haze of ocdification, carbon dioxide is only rising in the atmosphere.
    Another reason for Global Warming is Consumerist Life Shelley. Today we are using more freeze, air conditioners, perfume, fuel gas, electric equipment vehicles, and opiate to make our life enjoyable. Consumerism emits more than just chloro-fluoro carbon which is responsible for the increase in global warming. There is a certain proportion of carbon dioxide and oxygen in the atmosphere, if there is a change in this ratio, both vegetation and animal are affected due to the huge increase in the population on the earth, due to the high yields of crops, Only fertilizer is being used in the field, which is a huge amount of carbon dioxide emitted during the fragmentation By increasing its amounts in the atmosphere, the use of urea as fertilizer is the highest, it exceeds the carbon dioxide emitting in heavy, which is responsible for increasing global heat. Therefore, the growing population, the indiscriminate misuse of the natural resources, the consumer life, employment and the advancement of science and technology are mainly responsible for global warming.
    Effects of Global WarmingIf the greenhouse gase continues to grow at the current pace, then in the next half century, the temperature of the entire world can increase significantly, which can not remain without affecting the atmosphere. This will continue to frighten the terrible natural disasters, the water level of the sea will increase and there will be a lot of change in the nature of the weather cycle and rain.
    The following main potential effects of global warming are
    Climate Change – Climate change is the change in climate due to the increase in the temperature of the Earth due to various activities of human beings such as epigraphy, urbanization, mounting transport, nuclear powerhouse etc.
    Impact on Agriculture – If the rate of temperature ranges from the Hazardous Hazardous level, the risk of production will end up in danger. Due to the increase in temperature, due to lack of water for irrigation, the production of most crops will be reduced.
    Impact on Human Health – The scientist believes that the increase in temperature will result in the hereditary virus vectoria transiting its geographical boundaries and entering the Kshatro. As well as increase in temperature, decrease in the increase in heat-borne diseases and cold-related diseases. Diseases like pancreatitis, polio, heja, dysentery etc. will fail.
    Ice Melting and Water Crisis – Glacier ice is constantly melting due to global warming, causing the danger of one and the other after the water crisis.
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